Why Bristol is the Place for Us

Bristol; one of the world’s top ten cities as voted for by international travel publishers in 2009. ‘The best city in Britain in which to live,’ said the Sunday Times in 2017. A city full of character and independent spirit, cultures and identities, and of course a developing creative industry changing the way we live day by day. But why did we choose Bristol?

Throughout the bustling city, a large number of young, educated graduates are stepping out into the big overflowing treasure chest, which is the working world, and are hunting for science and technology related jobs where they can get stuck in. We could be just the place they are searching for.

Perhaps they have graduated from University of Bristol and are desperate to share their ideas on new and exciting ways we can improve our own standard of living, or maybe they have just completed their three-year course in electrical engineering at University of the West of England and are keen to work with experts on developing a potential life-changing device. There are endless possibilities.

Yes, big corporates may have their heart set on the great capital city of England, but the London lifestyle is not everyone’s desire. The majority of graduates would rather an affordable accommodation, with easy commute and a manageable cultural lifestyle. Right?

The vast amount of business incubators located within the city of Bristol is admirable and as the saying goes, everyone has to start somewhere. From Entrepreneurial Spark to SETsquared, these pioneering centres enable innovative projects like our Strooder technology to progress, and for talent to be nurtured. That is exactly what we want. In fact, that is exactly what we need, and it’s exactly what we and other growing companies can get in Bristol.

We also can’t forget to acknowledge the endless amount of success tech companies in the heart of Bristol have achieved. Take Zeeta Networks for example; one of their triumphant projects so far was delivering a Wi-Fi deployment in Bristol Sport’s Ashton Gate Stadium – a very impressive achievement indeed. Another success story comes from Scott Logic who developed a mobile app to showcase Nord Pool’s energy market prices clearly. Successes all round!

These accomplishments fill us with positivity and we are optimistic that our sustainable Strooder product will continue to be eye opening for anyone who is interested in the aspects of sustainable 3D printing. What better city for this exciting journey to continue than right here in Bristol? We believe this is the place for us. This is the place where OmniDynamics dreams are made of. 


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