We Talked Plastics – and So Should You

How much plastic do you think is in the ocean? Whatever you are thinking, double it. No, perhaps even triple it. It has been estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish, and we at OmniDynamics know just how useful this plastic could be: right in your 3D printer!

Recycled Plastic 3D printing solution

We were invited to attend an event called ‘Let’s Talk Plastic’ that drew together like-minded people who were passionate about spreading the message that plastic belonged firmly in a recycled form, just like our little 3D printed Pokémon.

 Recycled 3D Printed Pokemon


Attendees included the Marine Conservation Society, Incredible Oceans, and Surfers Against Sewage, as well as local Bristol MP Kerry McCarthy, and future TedXBristol speaker Natalie Fee.

Paddle Pick Up team

The event was created and organised by Bex Band, a champion of plastic solutions who is currently kayaking coast to coast from Bristol to London with several other volunteers – a distance of 300 km. Throughout their journey, they will be picking up plastic from the rivers and canals that they journey through, as well as educating people who ask why on earth they are putting themselves through such a strenuous ordeal!


Short presentations were given by those determined to see the world’s attitude to plastic – that it is better to spend money to dump it in a landfill and the ocean rather than actually deal with the problem – completely change. The progress that has already been made was celebrated, such as the switch from plastic to wooden inner sticks in cotton buds which will reduce plastic waste by hundreds of tonnes every year.


Of course, there is a huge amount still to do. Here at OmniDynamics, we believe in treating plastic as material, not waste. It still has so much to offer, even if it has been recycled before, and you can easily use that plastic in your 3D printing to bring something new to life.


Only by changing our attitudes to the value of plastic will we start to see 3D printing really join our renewable friends who are doing so much to challenge preconceptions of what plastic is – and what it could be. We’re excited to chat with and learn more from those who attended ‘Let’s Talk Plastic’, and get plastic out of the ocean and where it belongs: in the Strooder.



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