Sometimes Complex Robotics Creates the Simplest Things

As soon as most people hear the word ‘robotics’, their eyes usually open wide. They picture huge machines that are capable of almost impossible things, and they imagine tiny little nanobots that can swim through arteries like swimming pools. They think complexities, and coding languages, and people huddled over desks with wires and electric light flashing.

And of course, in many ways the stereotypes are true, and sometimes they are even more complicated than people imagine – but just like great architecture has complicated blueprints and are easy to navigate once the design is built, the best robotics design is created to give the end user an easy and simple experience.

It’s vital that almost anyone can pick up a product and use it without having to pour over a manual for hours and hours. If something is created just too complex, no one else except its creators will probably end up using it at all.

That’s why our Strooder offers ease of use for anyone of almost any age: it is designed that way on purpose, to ensure that schools to libraries, cafes to corporations can access the clever technology that has been encoded inside.

Yes, the complexity of coding the software inside the Strooder was high. We actually ended up re-creating it after some of the hardware components changed, and re-designing it again so that it could be manufactured in higher numbers after our successful Kickstarter campaign, because we wanted to absolutely make sure that the best possible user experience could be gained by those who used the Strooder.

When we attended TCT last year, we received multiple requests for an even more simplified Strooder: one that only worked with one type of material, and didn’t have nearly the same amount of robotics coded interface. We are learning that simplicity means different things to different people, and not everyone sees ‘simple’ the same. Our designs therefore need to be as adaptive as the uses that you will put them to.

Here at OmniDynamics, we are continuing to drive forward our designs through our robotics, hardware, and software knowledge, to ensure that no matter what we create, it can be simple and easy to use for everyone.

Think that we should be moving towards more complicated user interfaces? Wondering how we re-designed the Strooder several times before the final design hit the shelves? Tell us in the comments!


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