OmniDynamics Expands to Cardiff!

Thanks to increased demand for manufacturing and a need for more room, we’re pleased to announce that OmniDynamics now has a second office space within Big Yellow, Cardiff.

OmniDynamics expands to Cardiff!


The facility may be best known for offering industrial and residential storage, but in fact it was also able to offer a vital solution to an ever-growing problem within OmniDynamics: finding the space to manufacture, and then store, our Strooders.

“Our home is still very much the Bristol Robotics Lab,” revealed Stephen Lloyd, our Operations Manager, “but we were just running out of space there as we constructed more and more Strooders to deliver to our customers. We’re also working closely with other technology start-ups and empowering them to sell on Amazon, and that also requires additional space. Now that we are a dual-location business, we are able to expand our operations without losing any of the essential benefits that Bristol Robotics Lab offers us. It’s definitely a case of the best of both worlds!”

Since moving into Big Yellow in June of 2018, we have gained a huge amount of space that makes manufacturing the Strooders – a process that we are doing by hand, and you can read why here – much easier than in the Bristol Robotics Lab. This has enabled us to free up even more space at the Bristol Robotics Lab for research in development, as we would definitely get in trouble for using a soldering iron at Big Yellow!

With Stephen based primarily in Cardiff and David Graves, our CEO, making the trip regularly to ensure that all teams are happy and connected, this marks a new phase in the growth of OmniDynamics as we continue to solve real-world challenges with robotics, and serve our customers from around the world.

We are incredibly excited to see how this expansion will further benefit us here at OmniDynamics in allowing us to throw ourselves completely into research and development at the Bristol Robotics Lab and into manufacturing at Big Yellow, and how this will in turn benefit our customers. Watch this space!


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