Maker Faire 2018: Our Update

We’ve still got our heads in a spin after a successful Maker Faire 2018 in Rome! Hundreds of people attended what is described as ‘the greatest show and tell on Earth’, and we met with some inspirational people that have encouraged us to push even further with our dedication to plastic recycling.

Opened by a musical band using recycled instruments, Massimo Banzi of Arduino shared his insight into how the maker community has been growing in Italy, and in other parts of Europe. It was great to connect the global movement of creation to this event, and people had come from all across the world to demonstrate their advances in 3D printing, modelling, robotics, and everything in between. As makers ourselves, it was refreshing to meet so many others that assemble technologies which are their passion – and of course, those who attended the event looking to discover more about what they could make at home.

It would not have been possible for us to attend the event without the special funding from the InnovaCamera, a Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, so a big thank you to them for giving us the opportunity to meet so many people.

At our stand was a demonstration model of the Strooder, which anyone could try out for themselves and see just how it created filament from plastic pellets. We’re proud of the way the Strooder can take waste plastic and transform it into filament, and we truly believe that this will make a big difference in fighting against plastic waste.

And when we weren’t at our own stand? We explored the entire Maker Faire, meeting robots that were able to move and balance on their own two wheels, one that understood signs indicating movement forwards and backwards, a 3D printer that was more artist than crafter, and a plastic art exhibition that showed starkly the difference that plastic waste is making in the ocean.

But of course it wasn’t all about 3D printing and plastics. There was a wooden piano that played beautiful music, silk weaving, and traditional pottery painting – and perhaps our favourite, a device that used motorcycle engine heat to keep takeaway pizzas warm, whilst funnelling away the fumes!

It was impossible not to be inspired by the people crafting the world’s future, all in one place. Maker Faires take place in locations all around the world, from New York to Beijing,

Interested in learning more about how we’re using robotics to solve problems? Click here to read more.


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