Find Strooder at the TCT Show 2017

We'll be at the TCT Show this year - will you?

We are excited to announce that we’ll be attending the TCT Show this year in September – and you can come along and try out our Strooders for yourself!


The NEC in Birmingham will be our home for September 26-28th, along with a plethora of manufacturers, innovators, designers, and investors who are accelerating the growth of 3D technologies. It’s the perfect place for us to chat about our world leading 3D filament design Strooder, and we had such an incredible before that we just knew we’d have to come back.

There are going to be countless speakers and industry experts giving talks at the TCT Show this year, including Gurjeev Chadha and Serafin Garcia, who will be speaking on prototyping and the application of 3D printing in lighting. We’re really intrigued about what new materials and innovative applications may come to 3D Printing!

One of our designers, John-Anthony, said: “I always look forward to TCT as you never know what new technology will be showcased. I’m always particularly excited to see what’s new in the maker/consumer space!”

Of course, what makes the TCT Show so exciting is not just the incredible ideas that bounce about, but the real life applications. The OmniDynamics Team all have backgrounds in robotics, the perfect example of a computer science that evolves (eventually!) into something you can touch, and that is one of the reasons we love 3D printing.

So now you’re excited about the TCT Show, there’s only one thing to do: come and find us! We’ll be next to Monoprice and Trumpf, opposite EnvisionTEC GmbH. Listen for the sound of delighted squeals as people discover that the Strooder could transform their understanding of 3D printing – forever.



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