Designing 3D print models in paint?

MS paint just got an upgrade

Microsoft is making big strides in the 3D technology space, with things like the 3D Builder included with windows 10, the HoloLens for augmented reality and now a massive update to paint turning it into a 3D design software.

Ms paint was probably the first computer drawing package any of us used, it was definitely mine when I first started using computers. I spent a lot of time opening random programs and seeing what they did (to be fair I was only 5). Paint was one of the few programs that I seemed to quickly grasp and use, I painted and printed out a few pieces of “art”, that somehow made it on to my grandmother’s fridge which purely served to prove there were no standards for what made it up there.   

Paint has mostly stayed the same since I first used it twenty years ago and now seems to be getting all the updates in one go.


What’s new

In short, pretty much everything. They have kept a lot of the tools we are used to such as paint brushes and 2D drawing tools, but now all of them can be used on 3D models and surfaces.

3D models can either be drawn from scratch in Paint itself or imported from something as simple as a photograph.  

You can also import millions of premade 3D objects from the 3D warehouse by sketch up.

Emoji’s in 3D

Microsoft didn’t stop with making paint 3D but have also include customizable 3D emoji’s that you can include in your designs.  


All of this is part of the remix 3D community, where you can find designs you like, remix them and make them your own and re-share your remix back to the community for others to view and 3D print.  

Through this feature, Minecraft players will be able to share creations from their Minecraft universe to the community and 3D print them directly.

Microsoft in 3D

If this wasn’t enough of an update, Microsoft haven’t just stopped at rolling this out to paint but are integrating this into other familiar applications including power point. You will be able to include 3D models in your power point and by including the image across two slides you can create engaging transitions in 3D with their new 'morph' feature.


What do you think, would you design 3D prints in paint?

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