Democratising technology for start-ups

Here at OmniDynamics, we are passionate about democratising technology, making it easier than ever to access cutting edge technology, and experiencing the benefits that this new technology brings. Until now, we’ve focused on democratising technology for our customers, creating the Strooder which enables the waste from 3D printers to be recycled and created into new extruder filament. But now, we’ve added a new focus: democratising technology for start-ups.

What many companies do not realise when they start out is that accessing the market can be just as challenging – if not more so – than developing the product itself. Many stores and retailers have high expectations of a new product launch, and prefer to go with established and well-known brands that they have more confidence in.

This can leave start-ups in an uncomfortable position: ready with a product that will change people’s lives, but unable to sell it to them unless they do it directly through their own website, which brings its own fulfilment and shipping challenges.

So what are we doing?

We have a privileged and positive relationship with Amazon, with our own Amazon Vendor account which is a precious commodity rarely offered to developing and scaling companies. This has given us the opportunity to support other growing technology companies by helping them to stock and sell their products on Amazon.

What’s the big deal about Amazon?

With over 300 million monthly users, it is estimated that 50% of Americans who ever shop online have the Amazon app – and regularly use it. Around 44% of web shoppers go directly to Amazon to search for a product, rather than using a traditional search engine, it made up 43% of all online sales in 2017, and over one million small to medium sized businesses in America trade on the site.

In this fast-paced retailer world, you need to be going where your customers are – and for the vast majority of countries, that’s Amazon.

Who are you helping?

Right now, we have partnered with Altitude Tech and VR Go, two companies who are revolutionising their industries.

Altitude Tech create sensor technology using Raspberry Pi, enabling people to create and explore ways to use this rapidly enhancing technology in their own homes, businesses, or schools.

VR Go creates possibly the world’s first virtual reality chair that allows the user to tilt and move in virtual reality, leaving their hands completely free to play, reach, or shoot – depending on your VR experience.

We are also in discussions with four other companies who have had us recommended to them, to see whether they are the right fit for us.

What difference is this making?

Joe Ryan, Founder and Director of VR Go, shared: "OmniDynamics have enabled us to reach wider audiences through expanding our sales channels and partnering with a trusted reseller has strengthened the VRGO brand."

It may seem like a small thing, but democratising access to selling technology has just as big an impact as democratising access to the technology itself. We are now able to benefit our friends at Altitude Tech and VR Go, whilst giving their customers greater choices for purchasing innovative technology.

We can’t wait to partner with more dynamic technology companies from around the UK who are looking to give their customers a secure and trusted method of ordering from them, and we’re sure that there’ll be plenty more ways for us to continue democratising technology in the future.


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