Creating Robotics By Hand

It may surprise many of our readers to hear this, but right now much of the OmniDynamics product line is being created by hand just outside Bristol, in the Bristol Robotics Lab. Although it may take a little longer to construct each model, we have purposefully chosen this way of operating for several reasons. We have been asked many times why have we taken this approach – and what does it mean for those receiving their Strooders?

Manufacturing without expertise means mistakes

Whenever a unique product is created, creating a manufacturing system without carefully testing each element on the process is a recipe for disaster. If you set the machines going and the end result doesn’t work properly, you do not have a clue where the trouble slipped in. Without the expertise and experience of creating the Strooders by hand, we won’t know how to ensure that the automated manufacturing process is correct.

We want to get things absolutely right

Your Strooder is going to play an integral role in the way that you can experience and enjoy 3D printing, so of course you need it to work perfectly each and every time. We do not want the first few hundred Strooders that are created to be manufactured just for speed, so we are sacrificing time for quality, to get things absolutely right. That means taking the time ourselves to craft each component, and get the electronics working perfectly.

Quality is vital for each and every Strooder

Over time, we will be able to refine the process of making the Strooders, and understand the full manufacturing process step by step so that the quality of each one never suffers. Then we will have to hang up our soldering iron and trust the manufacturing process to follow our carefully created guidelines.

What that means for our customers right now is that you each will receive a high quality Strooder, built by hand. What it will mean for our customers in the future is that each of you will receive a high quality Strooder, built by machine. At the end of the day, the result will look the same – but it’s the hard graft that we’re undertaking now that will ensure all future Strooders meet our high expectations, and yours.

Do you love making things by hand? Do you get a thrill from seeing something that you have designed and created? Let us know in the comments below!


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