Could Reusing Plastic Solve The Waste Crisis?

Plastic hit the headlines again, as Water UK announced that it will be championing the use of free water refill points in all cities and towns in England by 2021.

This is a fantastic goal: it demonstrates their vision to reduce the amount of plastic created, and it should hopefully get shops, cafes, and businesses to think more critically about the water that they share and the plastic that they create. It’s an approach that has been long used on the continent, where drinking foundations have been purposefully designed to allow water bottles to be filled.

But 2021 is a long way away. The plastic crisis is happening right now in every council and county in the UK, and we are not alone. Now that China is refusing to accept our plastic waste, we cannot wait three years to change the way that we approach plastic.

Plastic bottles statistics from BBC

Yes, we should use plastic water bottles more than once. We should ensure that we reuse plastic water bottles for as long as possible, and then think a little more creatively about what we can do with it, once it’s starting to leak. Let’s think about the myriad of other uses that we can put plastic bottles to, to transform the material into something fun, or useful, or educational.

“We want to encourage people to view old plastic water bottles not just as something to reuse until it’s no good, and then something to be thrown into landfills. When it’s no use as a water bottle, we can change it into something completely different,” explained Stephen, our Operations Manager here at OmniDynamics. “That’s why we passionately believe in material, not waste. Once you start considering that old plastic water bottle you’ve got as a material that you can meld and re-shape, then you can start to unpack the possibilities that plastic presents.”

Our Strooder technology gives people access to those possibilities. With it, you can take your plastic water bottles and transform them into 3D filament, giving you a wealth of options: a keyring, a toy, a prototype, a bookmark, a cup . . .

The list really is limitless. So while we all wait for 2021 and free water fountains, why not explore a new way to use plastic again? Explore the Strooder.


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