Christmas at Gregg Latchams – Revealing the Strooder!

Believe it or not, there is a relatively small group of people who have seen one of our Strooders working: people who supported us on our Kickstarter campaign and those who come to visit us at events are the most typical. We wanted to show more of the world just what our Strooders can do, and when Gregg Latchams, the solicitors firm in Bristol passionate about SMEs and technology, asked us to speak at their Christmas Tech Social – well, how could we say no?

It was vital to us that we share some of the story of OmniDynamics, and not just the incredible fruit of our labour, so our CEO David Graves took to the floor (after much pizza had been consumed!) and gave some background into where we came from – which you can read more about here.

It may be rare to hear a tech company admit that we experienced so many challenges, but being a part of the South West innovative community has kept us going, and now we have the evidence of our determination shipping out around the world.

Strooder Filament Maker Christmas

David then revealed some of the details of the Strooder: how it runs on a mere 300 Watts and takes two or three minutes to heat up; how just 25g of plastic is wastage before it is ready to create perfect filament, and even that can be re-used; and how our passion for democratising technology has impacted our product design.

Then it was time for the demonstration! John-Anthony got the Strooder heated up and running, and then the room watched as plastic pellets were transformed before their eyes into filament, ready to be used in a 3D printer. There was surprise at just how fast the Strooder worked, and how cool the filament became so quickly – and some fantastic questions about types of plastic, and our future plans for new types of products.

It was encouraging to hear so much interest in the way we are changing the 3D printing landscape, and a big thank you must go to Gregg Latchams for hosting us. Perhaps we’ll see you at a future Tech Social in 2018!

OmniDynamics team photo


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