All (3D Printing) Roads Lead to Rome!

We’re excited to announce that OmniDynamics will be taking part in the Maker Faire in Rome from October 12-14th 2018!

One of our products, the Strooder will be there for delegates to try out for themselves, and we’ll be demonstrating just how recycling plastic and the 3D printing industry can go hand in hand. Making 3D prints doesn’t have to mean creating plastic waste, and thanks to our innovative and award-winning design, the Strooder can make a genuine impact in the way that plastic waste is processed.

Our passion for education will come out on the 12th October as local schools and education groups will be visiting exclusively. With the space to take their time and explore each stand at their own pace, young people will be able to take a hands-on approach to learning, discovering the different ways that things are designed and built around the world.

Our Operations Manager, Stephen Lloyd, who will be attending, shares: “The Maker Faire is world renowned for its dedication to highlighting cutting-edge technologies, and we’re thrilled to have been invited through our connection to the Bristol Robotics Lab. We can’t wait to meet other makers and explore their technological advances, and share some of our own.”

The Maker Faire describes itself as ‘The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth. The showcase is designed to be family friendly, and demonstrate the “invention, creativity and resourcefulness’ that can be found in universities and businesses around the world. This year’s European Maker Faire held in Rome offers attendees the chance to ‘learn how to build your own smartphone, your own toys, ‘3D print’ shoes, jewellery, handbags and even edible ravioli”!

Organised by the InnovaCamera, a Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, we are grateful to their collaboration with the Bristol Robotics Lab which has funded our visit to Rome. We will be exhibiting at stand number E456.

Let us know if you’re going to be there! We would love to meet you, show you our Strooder and other products in development, and discuss your vision for a better 3D printing plastics economy. All you have to do is drop us an email to


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