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About Strooder

Strooder is the first truly consumer-ready filament extruder. It allows you to create your own custom filament for 3D printing at home. Strooder also saves you money as raw pellets are on average five times cheaper than pre made filament. Strooder will also allow you to recycle your old prints for further cost saving as well as benefiting the environment

Cost Saving

Pellets can be bought at only a fraction of the cost of traditional filament (up to 5 times less expensive) and Strooder happily transforms them into filament from the touch of a button.


At OmniDynamics we wanted to ensure that our product was safe enough to be used by anyone at home. We have eliminated any exposed parts and used sensors to detect overheating and counteract this with active cooling. Strooder has been designed to be fully enclosed assuring that no one can touch any of the heated or strong mechanical parts.


From the beginning we decided Strooder needed to look great. If Strooder is going to sit on your desk then it needs to look the part. We pulled in a dedicated team to make Strooder look just right. We made our screen full colour to look great and offer a more approachable control panel for all users. Strooder has been built to sit on your desk as a machine to be proud to own. To cater for this we aimed to make it as compact as possible. This compact form takes up only a small amount of of your precious desk space so you can get on doing what you wanted in the first place - being creative.


Press and Go has been built in from the ground up. The hopper is large enough for 750g of pellets to give you a standard spool of filament. We give you pre-set options to select the right speed and temperature for your material from our unique colour display. Simply fill your hopper, select your material, then start. Go away and come back to a spool of filament ready for your 3D printer.


At OmniDynamics we use 3D printing for our fun, creative playing and prototypes. We understand what it is like to have your 3D printer make failed prints from incorrect heat settings through to filament snapping. We have have a box load of failed prints and wasted material. To solve this we want to recycle the plastic into 3D printer friendly filament. Just break up your parts and feed them into Strooder. Worried about all that exhaustive cutting? The parts only need to be as small as the feed tube, about an inch.

The Display

Strooder is the only extruder on the market with a full colour display, . This gives you the friendliest and most informative interface so you don't need to be a materials engineer to operate it. Pre-set material settings that can be chosen from a simple menu to give a press and go style of use. For the technical minded each option can be adjusted and saved to a new pre-set giving you enormous versatility.


3D printing offers micro manufactures, rapid prototypists, hobbyists and artists a world of opportunity creating complex shapes in a matter of hours. But sometimes PLA and/or ABS are just too restrictive. material properties like brittleness stop the part from being useful. With Strooder you could extrude almost any plastic that melts in the range of Strooder such as PP, PET, HDPE, HIPS, PE. These materials offer the 3D printing enthusiast a far greater world of possibility now capable of printing flexible or rubber objects to supper hard or strong. Make your part just the way it was meant to be thanks to Strooder.
Screen: 2.4 inch touch screen, 340x220 pixel resolution.
Hopper Volume: 1 litre / 700g.
Pre-programmed ABS and PLA heat and motor settings.
Extrusion Rate: 0.7m - 1.5m/minute.
Extrusion Temperature: Up to 250°C.
Input Power: 115 VAC and 220 VAC.
Filament Diameters: 1.75mm, 2.85mm, 3.00mm.
Filament Tolerance: (+/- 0.1mm).