Make Filament!

We have a host of products available for purchase to complement your Strooder filament maker and all of your 3D printing needs.



The first filament maker to combine high quality filament with safety, ease of use and flawless design.



The Spooler will take the filament from your Strooder and neatly reel it onto a spool, ready for your 3D printer.



Nozzles are used to change the diameter of your filament that will work wtih any 3D printer. Current nozzle sizes include 1.75, 2.85 and 3mm.

Plastic Pellets


Pellets are used to feed your Strooder. They are Strooded into filament and can come in many colours and materials. ABS and PLA pellets available

What Strooder offers

We have designed Strooder not just to look great, but to be easy to use and safe.

  • touch screen

    Gorgeous touch screen-based user interface

    With a one touch start and built in pre-sets for obtaining different material filament Strooder is explicit and very easy to operate.

  • designed strooder

    Extremely compact with amazing looks

    Sat at your desk with a look designed to impress, Strooder occupies minimal spacing around your 3D printer and is extremely portable.

  • cost saving

    High quality – Low Cost filament

    Using inexpensive plastic pellets, Strooder produces a variety of different sized filament that are dimensionally accurate and exhibit outstanding quality.

Filament maker image
  • mix colours

    Mix colors

    By mixing our colored "masterbatch" pellets, you can create the perfect color of filament for your 3D prints.

  • safe to use

    Safety incorporated

    Special efforts have been put into the safety of product to prevent any risks of injury and to make Strooder robust.

  • recycle plastic

    Recycle Plastic

    Our team has been developing the filament make to be able to process your wasted prints, plastic packaging and bottles to make them into printable filament.